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What is C# (C Sharp) Microsoft .NET ?

C# (C Sharp)

What Is C# (C Sharp) ?

C# Is A General Object-Orientated Programming (OOP) Language For Networking And Web Improvement. C# Is Known As A Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) Language.


In January 1999, Dutch Software Engineer Anders Hejlsberg Shaped A Group To Develop C# As A Supplement To Microsoft’s Net Framework. To Begin With, C# Changed Into Advanced As C-Like Object Oriented Language (Awesome). The Real Name Become Modified To Avoid Potential Trademark Problems. In January 2000, Net Was Released As C# (C Sharp). Its Net Framework Promotes A Couple Of web Technology.

The Term Is Occasionally Spelled As C Sharp Or C-Sharp.


More Explained

The Time Period’s # Character Derives Its Name From The Musical Sharp Key, Which Denotes A One Semitone Pitch Growth. C# Is Reported “See Sharp.”


C# Advanced And Up To Date Many C And C++ Capabilities/Features, Followings Are Included:

  • C# Has A Strict Boolean Records Variable Type, Which Include Bool, While C++ Bool Variable Sorts Can Be Back As Integers Or Tips To Keep Away From Common Programming Mistakes.
  • C# Automatically Organize Inaccessible Object Memory Using A Garbage Collector, Which Eliminates Developer Concerns And Memory Leaks.
  • C# Type Is More Secure Than C++ And Has Safe Default Conversions Simplest (As An Example, Integer Widening), Which Are Carried Out For The Duration Of Collect Or Runtime.


No Implicit Conversions Between Booleans, Enumeration Participants And Integers (Other Than 0) May Be Converted To An Enumerated Type. Person-Described Conversions Should Be Distinct As Specific Or Implicit, Versus The C++ Default Implicit Conversion Operators And Copy Constructors.

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