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What is C Programming Language ?

Introduction C Programming Language (C) ?

C Is Very High And Basic Programming Language That Is Good For Developing Firmware Or Portable Programs. At The Beginning Meant For Writing Computer Software Program, C Was Developed By Dennis Ritchie For The Unix Os (Operating System) In 1970s.

C  Ranked The Various Maximum Widely Used Languages, C Has A Compiler For Most Systems  And Has Motivated Many Famous Languages –Like C++.


More Explanation Of C Programming Language (C)

C Programming  Belongs To The Structural, Procedural Paradigms Of Languages. It’s Confirmed, Easiness ,Flexible And Powerful  That Can Be Used For An Expansion Of Various Programs. It’s A High Level Language, C And Assembly Language Share Many Of The Equal And Smilar Attributes.

Some Features Of C:

  • Fixed Quantity Of Keyword, Has A Set Of Control Primitives, Like These–>>For ,While , Do While, If, Switch Case Etc.
  • More Than One Logical And Mathematical Operators, Consisting Of Bit Manipulators
  • More Than One Assignments May Be Implemented In A Single Assertion/Statement.
  • Characteristic Of Function Return Not Usually Required And May Be Overlooked If Unneeded.
  • Typing Is Static. All Data Has Type However May Be Implicitly Transformed.
  • Fundamental Shape Of Modularity, As Files May Be At A Time Compiled One By One And Related
  • Manage Of Feature And Item Visibility To Different Files Via Extern And Static Attributes


That’s A Short Intro For The C Programming  Language. I Hope You Will Give A Feed Back And It Would Be Good For Me . Thank You……

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